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Gosloto 6/45
Last draw: 30-03-2023 20:59:00
Daily million plus evening 6/39
Last draw: 30-03-2023 20:00:00
Daily million evening 6/39
Last draw: 30-03-2023 20:00:00
Gosloto 7/49
Last draw: 30-03-2023 19:30:00
Main 6/49
Last draw: 30-03-2023 19:15:00
Joker 5/45
Last draw: 30-03-2023 19:00:00
Gosloto 4/20 - field 2
Last draw: 30-03-2023 19:00:00
Gosloto 4/20 - field 1
Last draw: 30-03-2023 19:00:00
Daily 6/49
Last draw: 30-03-2023 19:00:00
United Kingdom
The health lottery 5/50
Last draw: 30-03-2023 18:45:00
South Africa
Daily lotto 5/36
Last draw: 30-03-2023 18:45:00
Super Loto 6/60
Last draw: 30-03-2023 18:30:00

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Winning lucky numbers

Any frequent player will tell you that keeping track of lotto results and numbers in real time is not always possible. As our lives get busier, time becomes a scarce resource, and allocating it wisely is essential. For this reason, when they want to know lotto results for today, experienced bettors come straight to YesPlay – one of South Africa’s most trusted betting platforms – where they can instantly check the Lucky Numbers evening results, with much convenience and ease.

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English lottery results

Not only does our website offer its users quick and handy access to live lotto draw results for today in South Africa, but it also archives and stores detailed information on the outcomes of more than 120 lotteries from around the world. Whatever old or new lotto results you are looking for, we assure you that such information is easily available on our portal.

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Tip #1: Write down all the bets on lottery draws you have made. Seeking to increase their potential wins, some users prefer to place several bets at a time, so knowing the lotto results for South Africa they need to keep track of can sometimes be a challenging task.

Tip #2: Monitor the draw time for your chosen lottery. Different lotteries schedule their draws at different times during the day, and some of the results will be available sooner, while others will keep you waiting till late in the evening.

Tip #3: Please take time to familiarize yourself with the specifics of your chosen lottery before you bet on its draw. The rules and conditions for betting differ across lotteries. For instance, only South African residents aged 18 and older can bet on any draws on YesPlay.

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Instant lottery results

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