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Slots: Myths and Truth About These Popular Casino Games

A lot of people these days are interested in online casinos, as they offer an opportunity to win real money. When it comes to the selection of games in South Africa and the world, slotted machine options are among the most popular. There are many myths surrounding slot machine sites and most of them are far from the truth. In this article, you can read about common myths related to slot games and also find out the best playing tips that will help you to know how to win the next time you play.

What are common myths related to 777 casino sites?

When you go online, you are likely to stumble upon many big win casino ads. They give you an opportunity to bet online whenever you are in the mood but it can be difficult to tell how they actually work. Here are some myths about cash slots that should be debunked:

Machine slot games are programmed to prevent winnings

The truth is that all reliable online slotting machine games are programmed in the same way as the ones in offline casinos. No one creates global slots online that will provide zero winnings to players just like there are no machines that will give you jackpots one after another. Online sites work with different gambling providers, such as Quickspin, Play’n Go, among others. As a result, websites host paid and free slots and do not influence how they are played out. Slots are programmed randomly but some have better odds than others.

You get better results on some days than others

Another myth you hear often when you play online slots for real money is that you have more chances of winning on some days than others. This is absolutely false. Regardless of what games you choose to play, even if there is some special occasion, it has no influence on how much you can win so it’s nothing to worry about.

Placing max bet to have better winning odds in slot casino games

People use all types of strategies when playing online slot games to win. There is a common myth that by choosing maximum bets for a single spin you will get better winning chances. This is not the case and this will only result in you potentially losing all the money in your account in just one go.

Manual spins are more likely to give you wins than autoplay

If you gamble slots online, you have probably already heard a myth that you have higher winning chances by playing manual spins than pressing ‘Autoplay.’ The reality is that the software doesn’t care how you choose to trigger spins and this has no influence on the outcome.

Free online slots have better winning odds

Some people think that free casino slot games for fun are programmed in such a way that you win a lot more frequently compared to playing paid slots. This is definitely a myth as both free slots online to play and slots win real money use the same technologies.

You can influence the outcome of lucky 777 online by pressing ‘Stop’

One of the most persistent myths when we talk about casino slot games online is that pressing the ‘Stop’ button somehow influences the results. In slots, you can wait for the spins to stop on their own or press the ‘Stop’ button before this happens. There is no difference when it comes to how much money you can get by choosing either option.

Free spins and bonus offers make your results worse

Some players worry that when they get a sign up offer or another type of bonus, it will cause them to not win. This is not the case because machines always play randomly and don’t know whether you happen to play slots for free or not. You can fully benefit from playing free slots with bonus and free spins offered by a casino and still have a chance to hit the jackpot.

Global slots online: how did the first slots appear?

These days, there is a huge number of online slots for real money in South Africa, but how did the first slot machines actually appear? Slot machines were first developed and introduced to the general public at the beginning of the 19th century. As you can imagine, they were not as intricate as they are today and featured only 3 reels similar to the standard lucky 777 games.

At that time, the Liberty Bell became one of the most recognizable slot machines but after only a few years, players got an opportunity to play 5-reel slots. The first 777 casino slots were extremely simple in their design and had only one pay line. What is more, the winnings were also quite humble and nothing compared to how much you can win nowadays.

The first non-mechanical slot appeared in 1963 and relied on electromagnetic technology. It had a graphic theme similar to the one you can see now when you open an online casino site. The development of software over the years made it possible for the manufacturers to add more reels, interesting symbols, and pay lines to the game.

As for the online casinos, players got access to them in the 1990s with the development of the Internet and home computers. One of the most important advantages was the fact that casino games have become accessible to a larger number of people. Thanks to the innovations used in modern mobile devices, it is now possible to play casino games on the go in just a few clicks. The competition has caused online sites to provide players with different bonuses, such as free spins with no deposit, 777 casino bonus, and much more. It’s definitely interesting to see how online casinos will evolve in the upcoming years, especially withVirtual Reality technology becoming more prevalent. Players of the past couldn’t expect to get a sign up bonus or play 777 online roulette at their homes so modern gamblers have a lot more chances of winning.

Online slot machine tips: what are some cheats tips that can help you?

Every player that is interested in slots wonders how to win and looks for some beating slot machines tips. If you are one of these people, here are some recommendations that can help you along the way:

Make sure you look for bonus rounds

With the help of bonus rounds, you can get free spins and other bonuses that will increase your winning chances without losing you money.

Try playing simpler games

Another one of the tips to win is to play more simple and straightforward games. The reason is that a developer spent less money and time on creating it compared to the more complex games, so you are likely to have a higher chance of winning.

Make sure you research pay lines, RTP, and winning odds

This is one of those online slots strategy tips that are often overlooked by new players. It is a good idea to read about every game that you want to play, as not all of them are created equal in terms of winning odds.

Research different slots clubs

A lot of new players don’t know this, but many casinos have slots clubs for enthusiasts of this game. One of the main tips and tricks to win at slot machines is to simply have the best conditions in the casino you play. By joining a club, you will be able to get special offers or even free slots win real money no deposit required.

Choose smaller and more frequent payouts

The final slot machine tips and tricks have to do with focusing on humbler games. It’s a good idea to avoid running after games with huge jackpots and focus on games that offer smaller progressive jackpots. Such games provide more frequent payouts, so you can win smaller sums several times and still get more than others who try to get the biggest jackpot.

As you can see, there are many myths about slot machines but most of them don’t hold any truth. You have plenty of chances to win in modern casinos if you know what to look for and what games to choose.