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Play and Win Russia PM Gosloto with YesPlay

Drawn every evening, Gosloto has gained immense popularity far beyond Russia. Its well-known advertising campaign with the slogan “Dreams come true” is not only the words. The lottery provides everyone with a great opportunity to win huge rewards with ease.

On its turn, YesPlay offers you all the tools to ensure the best gambling experience. Here, you don’t need to leave your cosy couch to buy a paper ticket. A player can place a bet online 24/7/365 using any gadget: be it a PC or a smartphone. We have developed a user-friendly mobile version of the service to make your betting more convenient and smooth.

On this page, you can find the results of the previous 5 evening drawings. Right after the next draw, the list will be updated with the latest results.

How to Bet on YesPlay.bet

The rules of playing Russia PM Gosloto are quite simple. There are 45 balls consecutively numbered from 1 to 45. During each evening draw, the system chooses 6 balls. A player is welcome to place a bet on up to 4 numbers. There are 2 options to choose numbers: manually or using the Quick Pick option.

If you visit the Odds page of the Russia PM Gosloto, you will realize that YesPlay odds are highly rewarding. Your stake will be multiplied:

  • x6 - when 1 ball matches;
  • x60 - when 2 balls match;
  • x450 - when 3 balls match;
  • x4500 - when 4 balls match.

With the YesPlay “fixed-odds system”, you always know your potential winning when you are placing the bet.

Lucky Numbers: The World of Exciting Betting

YesPlay is a South African, 100% licensed sports betting platform. Its Lucky Numbers offers a wide selection of exciting national lotteries to bet on. Our team of experienced developers and designers do their best to provide the best gaming experience. We always follow the latest lottery trends and never stop improving our services. To save our players’ time, we’ve simplified the registration process as far as possible. From now on, only a SA ID number is required to open an account. No additional document upload! So right after a 2-minute signup, players can place their bets online. It takes several clicks to visit the Latest Lotto Results page and check the recent draw outcomes.

For those who want to get a quick result, there’s the Live Draws section. There, you can find a great number of Rapid Lotteries which draws take place literally every couple of minutes.