Daily lottery

Daily lottery

Daily LOTTO is one of the most beloved lotto games around South Africa. Its popularity is very much due to the fact that the winning odds are extremely favorable. Dream of striking it rich through betting on the draw outcomes of your favorite South African daily lottery game? Here is everything you need to know to play and win!

Have you spent hours googling “how do I play daily lotto?” only to find tens of lookalike pages that promise to show you a fast way to make huge wins but provide no useful information on how the Daily Lotto is actually played? Lucky for you, that is not how YesPlay works. Apart from everything else, the platform offers its users accurate and exhaustive information on hundreds of SA and worldwide lotteries and helps bettors make informed and smart gambling decisions.

So, how do you play lotto daily? To bet on the Daily LOTTO draw, you need to pick five numbers out of the pool of 36 or have them generated by the machine through a Quick Pick option. Matching all five numbers correctly will make you an instant winner and guarantee large payouts. There are no specific days of week dedicated to playing Daily LOTTO: its draws happen nightly at 21:00 CAT, with Christmas Day being the only exception.

Another question that interests many Daily LOTTO players is “how does daily lotto pay?” One way to answer this would be – generously! By making a fairly small investment, the jackpot usually ranges between R200,000 and R450,000. The odds of matching all five numbers that roll out in a draw equal 1 in 376,992, which is pretty cool, especially when compared to some other bigger lottery games like PowerBall or LOTTO with winning odds of 1 in 42,375,200 and 1 in 20,358,520 respectively.

If you consider yourself a lucky person and have much faith in the effectiveness of your betting strategy, you can always put these to the test by playing Daily LOTTO and hundreds of other exciting lotto games at YesPlay.