US Powerball Lottery Explained: Does 1 Number and the Powerball Win Anything?

Does 1 number and the Powerball win anything?

One of the most frequently asked questions in the history of US Powerball has always been: “Does 1 number and the Powerball win anything?” Normally, the answer to this question would be a definite no. In US Powerball, guessing just one main number and the Powerball number correctly is not considered a winning combination eligible for any cash reward.

However, that was before South African online betting platforms came into play. Virtual betting sites like YesPlay not only offer a fast, easy, and reliable way to place your lottery bet from the comfort and safety of your home, but they also provide users with the kind of flexibility that traditional in-store betting venues do not have. In particular, they let players bet on and win with as few as just one lucky number in a lottery as big and popular as United States Powerball.

How does it work?

Since, when betting online, you do not play the lottery directly but rather bet on the lucky numbers that are drawn in it, you can pick as many numbers as you wish. If you are confident of your betting skills and strategy, select all five numbers in this game plus the bonus ball and win a mind-blowing cash prize for matching them all. Otherwise, you can bet on only one or two balls to increase your chances of winning a cash prize and risk losing less money if your bet fails.

Any US Powerball player that comes to YesPlay has an opportunity to rake in a win if they match all of their chosen lucky numbers – however few – with the numbers drawn in the game. The only condition any YesPlay bettor has to meet in order to qualify for a cash payout in United States Powerball is that all of the numbers they bet on must match the numbers drawn in the game. It means that if you place a bet on 4 main balls plus 1 bonus ball and only guess 3+1 correctly, your bet is considered lost.