What are Powerball winning numbers?

Powerball winning numbers

What are Powerball winning numbers?

Powerball is one of the most exciting lotteries in the world that attracts millions of players with its easy rules, great odds, and generous prizes. At a relatively low cost, gamblers have a chance to make their most daring dreams come true. All they have to do is guess a few numbers in a given range and also match one additional bonus Powerball number. 

What kind of Powerball is played in SA?

Currently, there are two types of Powerball played in South Africa. The first one includes Powerball and Powerball Plus games that are officially enabled by Ithuba, the National Lottery operator. Their tickets are available for sale offline and online, and people can access these if they register with the operator.

The other type features international Powerball lotteries – Australia Powerball, US Powerball, and Switzerland Powerball – that cannot be directly accessed by players in South Africa but are available to them through the Lucky Numbers betting option offered by many online bookmakers.

Where to learn the latest Powerball winning numbers online?

No matter what type of Powerball games you play, you will surely want to be among the first to hear that you have matched all Powerball winning numbers and won a substantial cash prize! Unfortunately, SA and international Powerball draws take place at different times, and their results are not always streamed on TV or over the radio.

So, what is the quickest way to find out you have become one of the lucky Powerball winners? It is easy – you come to YesPlay! This trusted online betting platform allows SA players of 18 and older to access hundreds of the world’s most fascinating lotto games and view the latest and historical lotto-related statistics in real time, including the latest Powerball winning numbers, hot/cold numbers, etc.