Types of bets in South Africa

Types of bets in South Africa: picking the right game to play and win on YesPlay

If you are interested in starting an online betting career on one of the trusted and reputable gambling websites in South Africa, the first thing to do is learn all you can about what different types of bets there are and which of those are best for beginners. Picking the wrong game to bet on is setting yourself up for failure as it will be neither an experience you will enjoy nor an investment with good returns.

Understandably, choosing a betting game might seem like a daunting task, especially for someone who has never tried gambling, digital or offline. However, being inexperienced is no excuse for not giving your punter’s luck a chance to prove itself. Online betting in SA promises players tons of fun coupled with a wealth of unique winning opportunities, and missing any of those is a waste.

Here are a few tips on how to place your first bet with YesPlay:

  • Narrow down on the game or sports event you like best.
  • Learn all there is to learn about the betting game you plan to try – rules, odds, winning tips, strategies, etc. Also, take time to analyze the previous statistics for the chosen game.
  • Sign up with YesPlay to place your bet and monitor the website closely to be there when the outcome is announced.

Types of bets in South Africa

The variety of betting options is wide and depends on the game or sport you choose. Here are some of the most widespread types of lottery bets available to Lucky Numbers players on YesPlay:

  • Lucky numbers bets.
  • Unlucky numbers bets.
  • Numbers + bonus ball bets.
  • Bonus ball bets.
  • Odd/Even balls bets.
  • Lowest and Highest balls bets.
  • Divisible numbers bets.

YesPlay is a trusted betting platform to try your luck in lotteries, bet games, casino games, and sports. With some of the best odds among all SA betting sites, you are guaranteed an enjoyable and hopefully profitable gambling experience!