How Many 4D Bet Types Are There

What Is a 4D Lottery, and How Many 4D Bet Types Are There?

Even the most seasoned YesPlay lottery bettors in South Africa do not know much about the 4-Digits lottery, also known as 4D, which is currently a massive hit in several countries of the world, including Malaysia, Germany, and Singapore. The betting experience that this game offers is very different from traditional lotteries played in SA and worldwide, which is exactly what makes this lottery so unique.

How does the 4D lottery play?

Gamblers who want to place a bet on the outcomes of the 4-Digits lottery need to pick a number from the range of 0000 to 9999. During each draw, 23 numbers are picked at random. If any of the winning numbers match the number selected by the player, they receive a considerable prize payout.

Main 4D Bet Types

Another feature that makes this lottery game so exciting is the number of betting options that players can pick from. Here are the most popular types of 4D bets:

Ordinary entry: you pick any specific number you like, e.g., 1578, and bet on it.

4D Roll: in this type of bet, ‘R’ can replace any of the four numbers chosen by the player, e.g., 19R6. In this case, ‘R’ will stand for any digit in the range of 0 to 9, and the player will get the equivalent of ten ordinary entries instead of just one.

System entry: when opting for System entry, the player bets on all possible combinations that exist for the four numbers they select, which can be 24, 12, or 4. The price of the ticket will depend on the number of combinations possible.

iBet: iBet is essentially a variation of System entry, which covers all possible permutations for a 4-digit number at the fixed cost of an Ordinary entry. Getting increased winning odds while paying the usual price has a notable downside – the prize amount is greatly decreased.

Quick Pick: the system automatically picks four random numbers for the player.