What is the best strategy for lottery?

What is the best strategy for lottery

Everyone who has ever played a lottery game did so with only one ambition in mind – to match all the winning numbers drawn and take home a significant cash reward. Wishing to scoop a massive prize in a lottery is a dream anyone can relate to, and it appears there are tips and strategies that can help you stack the winning odds seriously in your favor.

Next time you want to play, stick to the recommendations below to increase your prize winning odds:

Play with more than one ticket.

While it is impossible to place a bet on every combination of lucky numbers that can be drawn, investing your funds into purchasing more tickets gives you a better chance of winning a cash prize when compared to those who don’t.

Do not go for consecutive numbers.

It is extremely rare for winning numbers to be consecutive. If you pick such a combination, not only will you stand a lower chance of winning a prize, but you’ll likely also have to split your payout with others who had the same idea should the numbers win.

Analyze the statistics and look for patterns.

Carefully analyze any past results available to identify the game’s hot/cold/overdue numbers. An adequately-sized sample should include at least 50 past drawings.

When choosing your lucky numbers, try going outside your comfort zone.

Do not just pick numbers that stand for birthdays, anniversaries, or other significant dates. Going outside the standard 1-31 range might not make you more likely to strike it lucky but will reduce the risk of having to share a prize with anyone if you do win.

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