lottery numbers to win

What lottery numbers are most likely to win?

Winning bucketloads of money in the lottery is a universal dream for all lotto players, even if the chances of that happening are sometimes as meager as 1 in over 300 million. However, odds being slim do not mean it is entirely impossible. One can do plenty to improve the probability of hitting the jackpot, like purchasing many tickets for the same game, participating in each draw, studying all the available statistics related to the lottery to work out a solid and efficient strategy.

Keeping an eye out for the most common lucky numbers – those that are drawn more frequently than others – is another thing you can do to up your chances of scooping the main cash prize in the lottery.

How to choose lottery numbers?

Instead of choosing some significant dates to be your lottery numbers, it is best to boost your odds with the numbers with a proven winning record. Quite a few reputable websites are known to monitor such statistics, so make sure to check with one of them before entering your next lottery drawing.

Are you interested to know what lottery numbers are most likely to win during the next drawing of your favorite lottery? Here are some suggestions for the most common lottery numbers across top-5 most popular games:

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