When is the lotto draw in South Africa

When is the lotto draw in South Africa?

Ok, you have made up your mind to bet on the next lotto draw and see if you are destined to become yet another happy winner whose photos appear on news reports, but when does lotto play in South Africa? Moreover, how do you find out about the results? Do you have to watch every such event live or wait for the results to be published in the newspaper? Is there an easier way to learn what you need to know about your favorite lottery game?

The fastest way to find out when to bet lotto in South Africa is to google this information on the Internet. Simply type in the name of the lottery you like or enter the search query as in “when is the lotto draw in South Africa?” and you will get back plenty of reliable resources to consider. At YesPlay, this and other essential lottery-related information is available with just a few clicks.
When is the next lotto draw in South Africa?

To spare you the need of having to go through numerous pages, searching for bits of information on SA lotto draw times, here is a list of all the best-known lottery games played in South Africa. At present, the South African National Lottery brand comprises of eight different games, so the choice of what to bet on is rich:

PowerBall and PowerBall PLUS are the main and additional draws of the same popular lottery game played alongside each other every Tuesday and Friday night at around 21:00 CAT.

LOTTO, LOTTO PLUS 1, LOTTO PLUS 2 are variations of the same lottery that takes place on Wednesdays and Saturdays at 20:56 CAT. The PLUS 1 and 2 add-ons give users a second and third chance at winning a considerable cash prize.

Daily LOTTO draws happen every night of the week at 21:00 CAT throughout the year except Christmas Day.

The two other famous betting games in SA are SPORTSTAKE 13 and EAZiWIN. The first one is a football prediction game, with draws taking place every Monday and Friday before 09:00 CAT. The latter is an instant digital scratch lottery that can be played round-the-clock online.