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Draw No.: 343208

Play CROATIA Keno 20/80 online on YesPlay

Despite being quite a small country, Croatia has plenty of lottery options to choose from. If you want to switch things up and choose a lottery from a European country, CROATIA Keno is one of the interesting options to consider. There is nothing particularly surprising about the rules of this lottery — you get a 20/80 scheme, which means that 20 out of 80 numbers appear during a single draw. If you want to participate in more than one draw, you can choose different numbers each time or use the same ones for multiple draws.

If you play online on YesPlay, you can choose the numbers you like and then see the results once they are available, which doesn’t take long for this type of lottery. Croatia Keno draws happen several times a day, so it’s difficult to miss making a draw. You can choose the most convenient time for you and avoid endless waiting when you bet online. Even if you live in South Africa, you can easily play this Croatian lottery online.