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Draw No.: 1474011

Play Malta FastKeno 20/80 online

Whatever the weather in your country, it is always raining huge wins in Malta, especially if you choose to play the nation’s favorite Malta Quick Keno lottery! Also known as Malta FastKeno 20/80, the game plays according to a very straightforward set of rules and offers everyone an equal opportunity to take home a fantastic cash prize. All you need is a tiny bit of luck and a reliable lottery betting service that will let you take part in this cool game from any place and at any time.

If you are ready to put your luck to the test, come to YesPlay and pick between one and eight random numbers in the 1-80 range. Didn’t get a match this time? Not to worry, there is a new drawing to be held in less than five minutes! Malta Quick Keno is a never-ending carnival of excitement and fun, so do not stand aside – hurry to join in and win!