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South Africa
Draw No.: 1892

Daily lotto in South Africa

Has life lost all the excitement and thrill it used to be filled with? Have your days become tedious and uneventful? It is time to spice things up a bit by playing the sa daily lotto 5/36 at YesPlay! Not only is this popular daily lotto game a great and affordable way to relax and have some fun but also a unique opportunity to win big cash prizes and achieve financial independence that will sustain you for months. The SA (RSA) lotto for South Africa is your very real chance to give your life a powerful and positive boost!

A much loved and hugely popular lottery in South Africa, South Africa Daily Lotto 5/36 is played once a day, Sunday thru Saturday at 9 pm SAST. Every night, five winning numbers are drawn from the pool of 36 balls and lucky winners are determined. Matching all the numbers correctly will make you the ultimate champion and guarantee a substantial monetary reward. Additional payouts are given to players who bet on and win the lotto SA’s side betting options, such as Unlucky numbers, Odd/Even balls, Lowest/Highest balls, and Divisible numbers.

The odds of winning are relatively high and stand at 7 to 1. Thanks to the low ticket cost, high frequency of draws, and the roll-down jackpot, millions of bettors every day have a solid chance to benefit from the game and take home gratifying cash prizes.

SA lotto online

One of the best things about this lotto of South Africa is that you can safely bet on its draws over the Internet, using your computer or smartphone. That is the kind of convenience the YesPlay live betting platform offers its users. Placing a bet will only take you a few clicks, and once the draw is over, you will see the results on our website right away. No need to go looking for them on other resources, your time and energy are better spent on other, more enjoyable things!

YesPlay also makes it very easy to look up the results of all previous SA lotto online draws from Daily Lotto 5/36 history in case you need this information to decide what numbers to pick tonight. Analyze the winning numbers from the period you are interested in and see which of them have been the luckiest, then adjust your betting strategies accordingly.

YesPlay is a safe and friendly place for all online betting fans from South Africa and is home to hundreds of delightful and profitable lotteries. Browse our platform for a game that suits your style and needs best and become our next winner! Bet on lotto SA with YesPlay online.