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South Africa


Draw No.: 787

Republic of South Africa DAILY LOTTO - 5/36

The Daily Lotto in South Africa is a very young raffle. Its first draw was held in March 2019. And it immediately captured the attention of a lot of fans. The daily lotto draws take place in the evenings at half past nine (local time) every day. It is broadcasted on South African TV and online. The results of the SA Daily Lotto are available on our website. On this page you can review the winning numbers from previous draws.

With YesPlay you don't even need to leave your house — we accept bets on the lottery draw results online! Here's your quick step-by-step guide on how to place a bet:

Step 1: Register using your phone number or Google/Facebook account;

Step 2: Choose which lottery you wish to play;

Step 3: Pick your numbers and enter them in the form above;

Step 4: Check the draw results.

The every day lotto in SA works on the 5 of 36 model — a fairly common option among the world's lotteries. It means that the player needs to choose 5 out of 36 numbers that will appear in the draw. On YesPlay you can bet money on up to 4 numbers of the SA Daily Lotto. If all of them match some of the numbers drawn, you will receive your payout!

The players can bet predetermined amounts of money by clicking the buttons above or fill in the form, specifying the exact amount to bet. Just to remind you: this lottery has daily draws, so you can participate in it the next day, if your current bet turns out to be a losing one. Be sure to check YesPay regularly to find more interesting lotteries in different regions of the world.

You can find questions regarding YesPlay bets and payouts in our FAQ section. We wish you luck and more lucky numbers, that will help you to win the prize!