1. Lucky Numbers

Check the latest Gosloto morning results online on YesPlay.bet

For many YesPlay users, Gosloto is a synonym to 'easy money'. Actually, this Russian lottery really allows you to win big rewards with no extra efforts. For example, having predicted just 1 ball correctly, you multiply your initial stake on 6! Needless to say, that the other odds in the Russian AM Gosloto are notably higher.

What is even better about the Russian AM Gosloto - it is unbelievably simple. You don't need to learn the complicated rules or choose from dozens of betting markets. Just predict some numbers and you're in the game. However, we still recommend you to learn some basics to predict the Russian Gosloto hot numbers more correctly.

How to play Gosloto

In Gosloto, there are 45 balls, numbered from 1 to 45. Six of these balls are dropped in every Russian Gosloto morning draw. Here on YesPlay, you can predict not more than 4 Gosloto numbers. The order of the balls is not important. For your bet to win, all the numbers from your ticket just have to appear in the drawing.

If you predict 1 ball correctly, you will get 6 times more money than your initial stake was. In the case of predicting 2, 3, and 4 balls, your stake is multiplied on 60.00, 450.00, and 4500.00 respectively. So, although the lottery is as simple as ABC, predicting Gosloto morning results can make you really rich.

To save time or make betting more unpredictable, you can use our Gosloto Quick Pick button. By pressing it, you will generate a completely random number (or sequence of numbers).

The Russian Gosloto morning draw starts at 09:30 every day. If you have already missed it, don't worry: feel free to place a bet on the evening drawing.

Predict the morning or lunchtime results of any lottery on YesPlay

YesPlay offers you a really wide range of lotteries to bet on. You can not only guess the Russian Gosloto hot numbers but also try such lotteries as Powerball, UK 49s, Daily Million, etc. Moreover, if you like predicting lunchtime results, pay attention to Toto. This lottery can be played at daytime.

It doesn't matter if you enter the numbers manually or use the Gosloto Quick Pick option. In any case, your experience will be smooth. Moreover, thanks to our convenient mobile version, you can place bets and check results anytime, using your smartphone or tablet. If you have questions or troubles, you can always talk to our support specialists on e-mail, phone or Facebook.