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United Kingdom
Draw No.: 3199

UK 49S lunchtime lottery - play online

November 19, 1994 is the day that marks the beginning of the UK 49 lottery. Over the years, its popularity has spread like wildfire not just across the United Kingdom, but all across the world once it became possible to play UK49 online. As time went by, the British lottery was gradually changing to better meet the needs of the people. Currently, this lottery is being held on a daily basis, two times per day at 12:49 PM (lunchtime bet) and at 4:49 PM (teatime bet).

This website is dedicated to providing you with the most pleasant betting experience. Here you can find the hot numbers for lunchtime and base your decision on what numbers to choose according to this information. If you guess correctly and all the numbers that you’ve chosen are shown during the draw, then you will receive a payout that is determined by several factors.

The factors that determine your winnings in the daily 49s lottery are as follows:

  • Your stake.
  • The odds of your bet type.

The latest ‘hot picks’ are often used as a guide to help determine a lucky combination of numbers. This is a viable strategy and many people choose to base their decision on the lucky numbers for lotto 6/49 (i.e the numbers that are drawn the most frequently). No matter what your strategy is, at YesPlay you can quickly make a bet using the provided buttons or by entering your bet manually.

The bonus ball (booster ball) can provide you with a chance to further increase your winnings. For example, based on the recent hot ball numbers you can try to guess the number of the bonus ball. If you guess correctly, then your winnings will have a multiplier of 43. Some call this bet “the power bonus”, as it provides them with the greatest payout when betting on a single number. If you aren’t sure that you can guess the exact number of the bonus ball, you can also choose to predict whether the booster ball will have a Low number (from 1 to 24) or a High number (from 26 to 49). When you play 49s online, your odds when betting on the Low or High number are equal to 1.90. In other words, if you guess correctly, your winnings will be 1.90 times greater than the amount of your bet. Keep in mind that when using our website, you will receive UK 49 payouts in Rands, since all transactions on this website are handled using this currency.

The 49s UK lotto gets its name from the number of balls in the draw. The draw consists of 49 balls, of which six balls are drawn. These 6 balls include the bonus ball. During your UK49 play online on YesPlay, you can place a bet on as many as 4 regular numbers plus 1 bonus ball. Additionally, you have the option of betting on the bonus ball being High or Low.

UK 49s hot numbers

The UK 49s hot numbers can be found in the results section of our website. This information can help you make up your mind on whether you want to choose the popular lucky 49s hot numbers or if you would like to pick numbers that have been picked less frequently. Either way, it is your luck that determines your chances of winning no matter what UK 49 numbers you choose. Thus, if your luck is good, use this chance to strike it rich when playing the UK 49s lotto, because today could be your lucky day!