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United Kingdom

49S - LUNCH 6/49

Draw No.: 1970

UK lunchtime lottery 49S - play online

The very first UK Lottery draw was held on Saturday November 19, 1994, and since then the lottery has not only managed to attract fans in the United Kingdom, but also became the first lottery available online for international players. Like other lotteries of the world such as USA Powerball, Mega Millions and EuroMillions, the British lottery has undergone various changes in the game format over time. 49s is a draw which takes place twice a day, every day. There is a 49s lunchtime draw and a 49s teatime draw each day of the week.

On this page you can play UK 49s online. It is simple — choose your favourite number or set of numbers and add them to your bet. If your prediction for English lotto results comes true (if all numbers you picked match some or all numbers shown in the draw) you will win an amount based on your stake and the odds for the bet type you placed. Your potential winnings depend on your bet amount, otherwise known as your "stake". At YesPlay you can make a quick bet for R 1.00, R 2.00, R 3.00, R 4.00 or R 5.00 by clicking the buttons above. There is also an option to enter your own stake.

The bonus ball number gives you the opportunity to increase the amount of your winnings. Here is an example of how the bonus ball number can change the game. If you guess the bonus ball number correctly, You win 43 times the amount of money you placed on this number. YesPlay also allows you to bet on whether the Bonus Ball will be a High number (between 26-49) or a Low number (between 1-24). In that case your odds of winning are 1.90 for either option. This means that if your guess regarding the Bonus Ball number will be correct, you will win 1.90 times the amount that you bet.

49s is named after the number of balls which are in play. It involves drawing six balls, including a Booster (bonus ball), with balls numbered from 1 to 49. On YesPlay you can place your bet on up to four numbers in the draw and one bonus ball with additional options such as bonus ball hi or bonus ball lo.

The lunchtime lotto results for today in South Africa are displayed on our website. You can also find out more about 49s hot picks in the last draw results section. It is worth noting that some punters build their own strategies to win more in the lottery by betting their money on the most or least used numbers from the previous draws. So it may be worth it to check UK hot and cold numbers before you play.

Anyway, your luck is what determines your chances to win. Don't miss an opportunity to make a fortune from betting on lottery results! Start now and place your money on UK 49s lunchtime hot numbers!