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United States
Draw No.: 3206617

Play USA GA Keno 20/80 online on YesPlay

USA Georgian Keno is a popular lottery game developed in the United States but is now also available online for players outside of the country. YesPlay gives you an exciting opportunity to play online and make bets on this lottery even if you live in South Africa.

What makes this lottery special is that you don’t have to wait a week to participate in a draw. The peculiarity of GA Keno is that the organizers of this lottery hold more than 300 draws every day. Each draw takes no more than 3.5 minutes but gives you an opportunity to win significant sums. The basic rule of this lottery is as simple as it gets — you should choose numbers from 1 to 80 and make your bet.

You can easily not only bet online but also quickly get USA GA Keno results without having to do anything special. The results appear on the YesPlay site the moment they are known to the general public and you can also see previous numbers to see the statistics.