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United States
Draw No.: 2699853

Play USA New York Quick Draw 20/80 online on YesPlay

USA New York Quick Draw is among some of the most popular lotteries with those who prefer quick draws that take place every day. Similar to some other quick lotteries, the draws of New York Quick Draw take only four minutes and there is only one small break during the day when they don’t happen. As a result, there are hundreds of draws to choose from, so you can play online whenever you have the time.

In this game, you should choose from one to ten numbers out of 80 options. Similar to other lotteries, you can choose any numbers you like or entrust this process to the computer that will generate random numbers. The lottery also allows you to choose an Extra Number, which is drawn after the main numbers are selected. Even if you don’t live in the USA, you can still bet online in this lottery by choosing YesPlay. Once the draws are completed, you obviously want to see the results as soon as possible and you can easily do this right on the platform.