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There are numerous different lotteries in more than 80 countries of the world. Each one presents an opportunity to win real money. If you are looking to make your fortune on the lotto draws, check our schedule sorted by days of the week for your convenience. On this page you stand a chance to get lucky every day! Check lotto draws schedules in South Africa, United States, Europe and other regions with just one click.

One bet costs only a few rands but it could make you a millionaire. Each draw, and bet type has its own odds, so be sure to learn everything you need to know about the bet you are placing, and you may win. Here's a list of lotteries by countries and days of the week.

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Need to check today's winning lottery numbers to see if luck was on your side? The Results page will get you this information in seconds! Can’t remember when the next game is scheduled to start? Look up the exact lotto draw time today on the dedicated lottery page to make sure you won’t miss the event!

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Ease of use is one of the reasons why so many bettors in South Africa come to YesPlay when they need to quickly check their lucky lotto numbers for tonight South Africa. As shown below, the site conveniently groups all the most popular Wednesday and Saturday lotteries and makes this information easily accessible with a single click. It will let you free up more time, which is much better spent designing and improving the betting strategies that will let you guess every single winning number for the lottery today!