How to view Lotto results history in South Africa

Lotto results history in South Africa

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Betting on the results of lottery draws has long become a national hobby in South Africa. This form of gambling entertainment is so popular because it is a great and easy way to relax, have fun, and possibly win some decent prize money. Thanks to the advances in technology that have brought smartphones and computers to almost every household in Africa and worldwide, more and more people are choosing to play lotteries online, while modern and convenient websites like YesPlay enable this to happen.

What is SA’s most popular lottery game?

Of all the different SA and international lotto games played in the country, the most beloved one is Lotto. This game plays with a pool of 52 balls, of which six lucky numbers are picked every Wednesday and Saturday night at around 9 pm SAST. Winners who correctly match all six drawn numbers are guaranteed fantastic rewards that can sometimes be worth millions of rands.

How to view Lotto results history in South Africa?

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