What types of lottery in South Africa to play online?

Types of lottery in South Africa

What types of lottery in South Africa to play online?

Being a relatively new form of entertainment, lotteries in South Africa have already won over a large army of loyal fans who never miss a draw of their favorite games, hoping to strike it rich someday. While there is only a handful of SA domestic lotteries, tech-savvy players in this country are not limited in their choice of lotto betting options thanks to modern and convenient online betting platforms like YesPlay.

Which types of lottery in South Africa are available?

Those eager to try their luck at an authentic SA lotto game can choose from the following types of lottery in South Africa available both online and in-store:

SA Powerball

South African Powerball is the largest and most popular lottery game with mega-big top prizes that can sometimes run into billions of rands.

SA Lotto

SA Lotto is a beloved lottery that utilizes a 6+1/52 concept for its twice-weekly drawings where the luckiest players stand a chance of winning a top prize worth hundreds of millions of rands.

Daily Lotto

This daily draw offers its bettors some of the best chances of winning a cash prize. Thanks to its simple rules, frequent drawings, and low cost of tickets, the game is hugely popular in SA and abroad.

Sportstake 13

Sportstake 13 is a crazily fun soccer pool competition game where players try to predict the outcomes of 13 featured football matches to win a cash reward that can exceed R300 000.


This instant win scratch card game offers its players tons of fun and some great chances of winning a cash prize that can go up as high as R100,000.

When placing their lotto bets via an online agent like YesPlay, SA gamblers can get instant access to the broadest assortment of games. These range from major lotteries like US Powerball and EuroMillions to much smaller lotto games, such as Poland Daily or Italy Cagliari.