What types of lottery tickets are there in South Africa?

What types of lottery tickets are there in South Africa?

South Africa is home to many enthralling lottery games with great winning odds, tons of exciting betting options, and fantastic rewards. Established in 2000, the National Lottery currently features eight unique games available to all adult players in this country – online and offline.
If you need help choosing among the different types of lottery tickets in South Africa, here is a quick overview of the top-3 most generous domestic SA lotteries you can play online via modern betting sites like YesPlay:

South African Lotto 6/52

South African Lotto is a fun single-matrix lottery game that plays every Wednesday and Saturday at 20:30 SAST. With rules that are easy to pick up on and winning odds stacked favorably towards the player, anyone can expect a substantial cash prize if they only manage to guess between 1 and 5 numbers correctly.

South African Powerball 5/50

RSA Powerball, the biggest South African lottery game, utilizes a double matrix number format where players choose five main numbers in the range of 1 to 50 plus an additional bonus number between 1 and 20. While the top reward for matching all RSA Powerball numbers correctly is not as legendary as in the US Powerball, it is still the largest cash payout to be won in an African Lottery.

South African Daily LOTTO 5/36

South African Daily LOTTO 5/36 is a perfect fit for players looking for a simple, fast-paced game offering frequent and solid rewards. The lottery draws every night of the year, except Christmas, and requires bettors to pick five random numbers between 1 and 36. If all the numbers they choose match those drawn in the game, the player gets a handsome cash prize.

All these and hundreds of other exciting games from around the globe are available to SA players on YesPlay. Register with the platform now, and start betting your way up to fantastic wins!