Dice games

Nothing can beat dice games in the amount of thrill, fun, and winning potential. Gambling options like craps or Sic Bo have always been major attractions for land-based casino goers, but their popularity has gone through the roof when the first roll the dice game online was introduced. Rapid advancements in technologies have made it possible for players in every corner of the world to get the most exclusive and entertaining casino online dice game experience from the comfort of their homes – all with a few clicks.

Lightning dice

If you have never tried a dice game online before, it is best to start small and pick something that is both fun and simple but also gives you a real chance to win a solid cash reward. One such option, in particular, is lightning dice – a recognized leader among all probability games with dice online that are available at virtual casinos around the world. The game attracts players with its gripping and dynamic gameplay as well as unique dice roll mechanic, which provides for multipliers of up to x1000 during each roll.

How to play lightning dice?

The game plays with a set of three regular six-sided dice and offers its users to bet on one of 16 available numbers between 3 and 18. The number the gambler picks should correspond to the estimated sum of three dice. Any bets that match the correct total of all three dice will bring payouts with predetermined multipliers.

What makes lightning dice different from other paid and free online dice games is that, during each round, there will be a random outcome chosen that will receive a special lightning multiplier. Any winning bets placed on the number with an additional multiplier will bring payouts x50 to x1000 times more than the original stake.

How to win lightning dice?

If you are looking for a poker dice online game free with 100% guaranteed chances of winning a prize, this one is not it. In lightning dice, there is no way to know the outcome for sure, so losing a bet is possible. Looking for tips on how to win lightning dice? Increase the likelihood of winning by following the recommendations below:

  • Place bets on higher-probability sums like 9, 10, 11, or 12.
  • Analyze the previous winning statistics for this game.
  • Stick to the margins if you are a risk-taker looking to win big.

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