Choose Your Favorite One Rand Game on YesPlay and Get a Chance to Take Home Massive Rewards

People can end up in a casino for a multitude of various reasons: some just happen to be there and decide to give it a shot; others are addicted gamblers who specifically visit casinos to put their luck to the test and get a chance to walk away with a handsome cash prize in their pocket. Whatever brings them there, being inside a luxuriously decorated gambling place where the air is filled with thrill and fun is a one-in-a-kind experience that anyone should try at least once in their lifetime.

Why play casino games online in South Africa?

Spending a night out playing your favorite roulette, poker, or video slots in a brightly lit and attractively decorated gambling parlor sounds like a lot of fun; however, it does come with a few disadvantages. You will need to dress up and travel a long distance to the nearest big city, then find a place to stay while you are there; you will not be able to enjoy many lucrative bonuses and promo deals, aside from complimentary drinks and free valet parking services. Most importantly, though, you will not have as many games to choose from as you will find at a regular online casino.

When attending a trusted and reliable online casino in South Africa, such as YesPlay, you get a lot more options and perks that make your visits more enjoyable and exciting. These include a massive variety of top-notch games, fast transactions, speedy payouts, free bonuses, and a great overall digital betting experience. Among other arguments in favor of playing at virtual casinos are the ultimate convenience of your gambling sessions, the excellent customer support available 24/7, and enhanced security.

Which casino games to play online?

If you are new to gambling in general and digital betting in particular, playing online casino games that require you to place real-money bets might sound intimidating. Knowing which strategies to use, what tricks to resort to, and when to raise/lower your wagers is a skill that can only be mastered with time, and until that time comes, you will always be at risk of losing some of your money.

One way to secure yourself against loss is to play games that have demo modes and allow you to bet with virtual coins. Although many find this method helpful and sufficiently enjoyable, it will never come close to giving you the sensations of thrill and suspense that you get when betting your own hard-earned cash. If you are looking to get a real-world casino experience from the comfort and safety of your own home and without risking significant losses, you can test your fortune and play online in One Rand game section of YesPlay.

Here, you will find a wide selection of fascinating titles from leading providers that cost only 1 Rand to play but offer rewards so big they can make your head spin.

Here is a quick overview of the top-5 most popular one-rand games you will find at YesPlay casino:

Deal or No Deal is a popular multi-level game from Evolution Gaming. This unique live casino solution offers simple yet incredibly fascinating gameplay, requiring the player to guess whether the amount of money in the remaining suitcases will be higher or lower than what the banker is offering.

First Person Lightning Roulette is a fun and action-packed casino game. Its immersive 3D gameplay relies on the rules of the classic European roulette but also offers a few unique features of its own, the most prominent one being the chance to win a x500 bet through random, lightning-struck multipliers.

Lucky 6 is a modern take on classic bingo entertainment. This thrilling live game plays with a pool of 48 numbers, of which 35 are picked randomly. The player's task is to guess which six numbers will come first in the game. Additionally, the user can also try to predict which color of the drawn balls, their totals, or whether they will be even or odd.

Andar Bahar is a popular single-deck card game where the player is to guess which of the two sides (Andar or Bahar) will win, that is, will first get the card that matches the joker card.

Mega Sic Bo is an entertaining live dice game by Pragmatic Play that requires the bettor to predict the outcome of a specific dice roll. The player can choose to bet on the result of one to three dice being rolled or place a wager on the outcome being even/odd, small/big, double/triple.