Gonzo's Treasure is Live at YesPlay

Searching for treasure has never been as exciting as when doing it with Gonzo! Join this Spanish explorer and find the lost city of Eldorado and all its hidden treasures. This game takes entertainment to a whole new level allowing you to experience a personalized treasure hunt.

Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt masterfully merges the experience of live casino games and the mechanics of online slots. And that’s not all! This is the first-ever slot-style game that can be played in VR!

Playing is Easy, Winning is Fun!

This revolutionary game, created by Evolution, transports you to the ancient Incan city where you are joined by Gonzo himself and a beautiful game host. Behind them, on a giant wall, you’ll notice 70 stones with different insignias. The winnings, up to R20,000, are hidden behind these stones, and only your luck and ingenuity will help you choose the right ones!

The Rules are Simple

To play this game, you have to place your bets on stones that come in six different colors. It is entirely up to you to decide how many tries you will need to find the largest treasure. Depending on the color of the stone the payout values range from 1x to 65x.