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Hot picks online games

If you fancy the idea of being able to play your favorite casino card game from the comfort and safety of your home, YesPlay is your go-to gambling website. It’s the #1 South African online platform for gambling enthusiasts who want to play casino games for fun or for real money without having to take exhausting trips to the nearest big city or engage in unwelcome social interactions.

The website offers tons of quality gaming content that will easily suit the needs of seasoned players and novice users alike. Whatever your digital gambling experience, personal preferences, or betting budget are, YesPlay is guaranteed to have an online casino game that fits your needs perfectly.

Below is a brief description of some of the hottest picks that make for a valuable part of our exclusive online cash casino games collection.

Fan tan card game

Fan Tan is an ancient Chinese game of chance where players have to guess the number of small objects (usually, beads) remaining on the playing board at the end of each round, which can be 1, 2, 3, or 4. First, the dealer separates a random number of objects from a larger heap and asks players to place their bets. Then, the dealer begins to gradually remove objects from that heap in batches of up to four items. When the final batch is accounted for, the dealer announces which number wins based on how many objects are left in it.

The Fan Tan interactive game version offered by Evolution Gaming is a successful take on this popular Asian gambling entertainment with an authentic feel, easy-to-understand rules, and a vast array of additional betting options that make the experience even more thrilling. Add-on betting options that are available in the advanced mode of this virtual game include Nim bets, Kwok bets, Ssh bets, etc.

Real cash casino slots online

While there are no traditional video slots on YesPlay, the platform still has a lot to impress the pickiest slot enthusiasts with. Thus, here you can try your luck at one of the most exciting real cash casino slots online – Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt by the world’s leading software provider Evolution Gaming.

Unlike any other slot game, this product offers each player a unique and individualized treasure hunt journey with huge multiplied wins awaiting the luckiest. Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt is an innovative type of casino entertainment that combines the best features of a live game show and a classic slot game experience. There is even an option to enjoy this online game in VR mode.

Cash or crash

Cash or Crash is yet another fascinating lottery-style game by Evolution. The game takes place in a studio that looks like the inside of a blimp cruising over a metropolis. Cash or Crash utilizes a set of 28 colored balls – 19 green, 1 gold, and 8 red balls. The logic behind winning the lottery cash or crash is to get to the top of the ladder-style paytable by collecting the green balls. Drawing the gold ball grants one extra life. The game ends when a red ball is dropped, and the player has no gold ball to shield them. The higher up the virtual ladder the player moves, the bigger the wins are.

Crazy time game

Crazy Time casino game presents an exciting hybrid concept that combines the features of a wheel of fortune and a roulette wheel. When trying your luck with Crazy Time Evolution Gaming, you will be able to benefit from as many as four types of bonuses – Cash Hunt, Coin Flip, Pachinko, and Crazy Time.

The primary attraction of the Crazy Time live game lies with the integration of several advanced mechanics into a single gaming experience, including random number generator multipliers, augmented reality, video slots, and certain video game elements. Play Crazy Time Evolution Gaming online on YesPlay and enjoy the thrill, excitement, and huge wins that this fantastic game of chance has to offer!

Deal or no deal game

Deal or No Deal show game is a fantastic live casino solution, a simple but incredibly exciting one. Based on the popular TV show, Deal or No Deal has multiple versions, including free online games, electronic tabletop games, board games, hand-held games, card games, and more. Among the many variants of Deal or No Deal games to play, the product by Evolution Gaming is considered the most successful one, not just because it is extremely fun and intriguing but also because it gives users a real chance to win big.

How to play deal or no deal game

If you choose to play Deal or No Deal online game win real money, you will surely enjoy this unique, multi-level live entertainment with top-tier cash prizes. However, before coming to a trusted online casino like YesPlay, with no deposit bonuses and tons of lucrative features for new players, make sure you clearly understand the rules and requirements of the Deal or No Deal jackpot game.

Deal or no deal game rules

Here are some core rules of the best Deal or No Deal game ever, created by Evolution Gaming and available on YesPlay – South Africa’s leading virtual casino:

The Deal or no Deal lucky case game begins with a qualifying round where players spin the reels of a bank vault to determine the amount of money in the prize briefcase, with a maximum win of x75 to x500. Next comes the prize top-up round that adds random multipliers between x5 and x50 to the prize money contained in one or more of the 16 prize briefcases the player can choose from.

Once the potential payouts have been set, it is time for the hosted show to start. The goal is to predict whether the amount of prize money contained in the suitcases is higher than what the Banker is offering.

Hurry up to visit YesPlay and try all of the above hot picks casino games today!