British Columbia Keno 20/80
United States
California hot spot 20/80
Eklub keno 20/80
United States
Kentucky keno 20/80
United States
New Jersey quick draw 20/80
United States
New York quick draw 20/80
United States
Oregon keno 20/80
United States
Rhode island keno 20/80
United States
Tennessee keno to go 20/80
United States
Georgia keno 20/80
10e lotto 20/90
12x24 - 12/24

Bet on Rapid Lottery Results with YesPlay

If your thirst for excitement is unquenchable or if you feel like you’re on a roll and today feels like your lucky day, then you should try betting on the instant lottery online. As the name implies, these lotteries start and end very quickly. Usually, it takes no more than half an hour for the results of the lottery to arrive.  Despite this fact, betting on a rapid lottery online can be just as exciting as betting on the results of Powerball or UK49s.

What sets the majority of instant lotteries apart from the regular ones is that they provide you with a whole host of different betting options.  When you bet on an instant lotto online, you have the following additional options for placing a bet:

  • Bet on the unlucky numbers. Here you can choose the numbers of the balls that will not be drawn.
  • Sum of balls. This option allows you to predict what will be the sum of the drawn balls. Guessing the exact sum of all numbers in the draw is highly unlikely, which is why you can also bet on different ranges of numbers.
  • Lowest and highest balls. Place your bet on whether the lowest (or the highest) ball will be even or odd.
  • Number of balls. When choosing this betting option, you can bet on how many balls will be drawn from a certain range of numbers.
  • Over/under. Bet on how many regular balls will be drawn from a certain range.
  • Divisible numbers. Bet on whether at least one of the balls in the draw will be divisible by a certain number.

The betting options can vary from one instant cash lottery to another, so always make sure that you carefully study all the available options for a particular lottery. This way, you will be able to choose the best betting strategy that will bring you the highest chances of winning. If you choose the right strategy, you will be among the top lotto instant winners in no time at all.